Who we are: Happy Camper Cocktail Co. Video

Happy Camper Cocktail Company teamed up with Stevie Williams Productions and made a video!

We are incredibly proud of this 90 second video. It really captures what we hoped to share with the world about the company- that family is the reason we do this, that we're inspired by nature around us, and that our cocktails are not just a drink for your hand, they're a one of a kind, Washington state specific, delightful event experience.

We can't wait to bring happy hour to your wedding or big event!

I really wanted to be sure that our video felt personal and lovely but also fun. I mean, at the end of the day, this is a bar service company, right? And booze usually means "party." And trust me, we love to party! Our little camper is often rocking from our dancing and we love to see our guests have a good time. I agonized over the music we chose for the video because it needed to convey this fun atmosphere. I think my choice from Aaron Crawford's debut CD Evergreen did the job and hope you agree.

Our cocktails are garden to glass and it was important to capture that

Many thanks to local farmers Jessica of Pea Patch Gardens and my sis, Venise, of Simple Goodness Farms for letting us film, and forage, in your gardens.

Watch it below and let us know what you think! I hate that the thumbnail is a photo of my big head by the way, but it gets better from there!

Thank You's: Stevie Williams productions | Simple Goodness Farms | Pea Patch gardens | Aaron Crawford