Grow Your Own: Learn at the Upcoming Garden to Glass Workshop at The Works, Seattle

How do you feel about drinking craft cocktails with garden to glass ingredients you grew yourself?

Maybe you’re space is limited to a kitchen windowsill or container garden and you' don’t think you have enough space, or maybe you’re just intimidated by gardening in general? Heck, I was! A Steel Magnolias fan since way back, I posted a picture of Weezer and her tomatoes on my vision board (metaphorical) for years before I broke dirt. Once I did take the leap into starting an edible garden of my own, I made a lot of mistakes along the way. My early mistakes helped us learn when we decided to start growing garden to glass edible flowers and herbs on a larger scale on the farm two years ago, and we still sometimes fall on our butts in the dirt. But along the way, we’ve gleaned some edible gardening tips that will help you avoid our same wandering path and head straight towards your first cocktail garden drinks!

If you’re feeling this Garden to Glass idea, but have no idea how to get there, we’ve got a workshop for that!

If there are two things my farmer sister and I LOVE, (we go by the Simple Goodness Sisters for our garden to glass drink mixer company, if you didn’t know that already) it is sharing our passion for #gardentoglass drinks and meeting new people which is why this summer we are going on the ROAD to share our passion for #gardentoglass mixology! We went from two clueless gardeners searching the internet, asking friends, and killing more than a few plants to a small sustainable grown farm of herbs and edible flowers we use for making our unique and incredibly tasty cocktail mixers for our brand, and often, for our own cocktails.

We want to help people grow their own cocktail gardens and use their gardening skills behind the bar!

Our first stop is in Seattle at The Works on Wednesday April 24, 2019 from 6:00 -7:30 PM. We will be sharing our planting plans in depth and demonstrating how each herb, flower, fruit, and vegetable is used to make tasty and delicious drinks at home. Farmer Venise will teach you how to plant your own cocktail garden, including starting herb seeds and all the tips and tricks she has learned on the farm and Bartender Belinda will teach you how to use those herbs and flowers behind the bar. Everyone will leave with a new herb to plant in their garden, a recipe for a delicious garden to glass drink and a taste of one of our most popular garden to glass concoctions. To register for the class please visit The Works website! We hope to see you there!

We can’t wait to add more stops on our #gardentoglass roadtrip so if you would like to have the Simple Goodness Sisters knowledge drop our garden to glass skills at an event, please Contact Us!

Photos by Rylea Foehl Photo of the Families Who Farm project

Cut the Line: Planning Your Bar Menu for Events

No one enjoys standing in line. But trust us, our handmade, garden to glass cocktails are worth it. Check out some of the ways to speed your line along and make your event more efficient.

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Fauxchella: A Boho Bar Extravagazna

Corporate event season is upon us again! Summer picnics are popping up all over town and already, the holiday event planning has begun in offices all over this Emerald City. I can hear the event design gears turning now: "Flower crowns! Rockaroke! PNW Camp Out! Balloon arches! "Hook!" Lost Boys style food fight on a tarp-covered football field with colored pudding ammunition and large donations given to FoodLifeline to counterbalance the waste karma!" (Ok that last one is just mine, several times proposed to my old boss at Microsoft, and never seized as the genius bucket list style activity it is. I have the logistics all worked out if anyone is interested in hiring me to pick this one up out of the so to speak 'round file.')

As we just approach our last summer 2018 corporate gig next week, and as Seattle corporate event planners finish up their employee picnics, corporate barbeques, and end of the year parties city-wide, I have some inspiration for future you.

Shindig! Events and CRG Events did INCREDIBLE work in summer 2017 for their clients, and we were honored to be a part of the surprise and delight they delivered, via providing bar service for some of Seattle's top companies. Given that each of these events took place approximately one year ago, I thought that it would be fun to take a look back at the good times. 

As a fun and conversation-starting centerpiece for their #wayoutwest (Shindig) and #fauxchella (CRG) events, our camper bar and wooden bars shone, and more importantly, provided craft cocktails of the highest quality to its discerning sippers.

The guests at these events are the same folks who flood our city's craft cocktail bars, farm to table restaurants, and microbreweries, so it only makes sense that they should expect to drink the same quality beverages at their corporate picnics. After all, there is nothing more sad to us than a black tablecloth covered, 6-foot table "bar" pouring liters of generic wine by the glass. We were proud to deliver local beer, wine, and our garden to glass cocktails, mixed with Washington state distillers' spirits and our own farm's edible flower garnishes to these thirsty guests.

Propriety stops me from oversharing the details of these events, but I would like to share with you more about the bar service we put together.

Offerings included Seattle Cider Company's cider, Fremont Brewing's draft brews, and an inventive and on-theme menu of seasonal"garden to glass" cocktails curated specifically for our clients. We poured Heritage Distilling vodka and bourbon by the case in our signature bourbon peach teas, lavender lemonades, watermelon tequila smashes, as well as a dozen gallons of the drink of the summer, our own secret recipe frose- a frozen slushie of wine blended with Washington grown Strawberries. 

One event hosted 500 guests, the other welcomed 1,500 for a summer bash. We staffed up, built new bars, and rolled up our sleeves for fast, efficient, and craft dedicated "garden to glass" bar service for all. 

You can feast your eyes on the pretty party results below, and then give us an email to reserve your bar service for Holiday season 2018 and summer 2019. Trust us, it's not too early!

Way Out West: (photos by Barbie Hull photography)


Fauxchella: (photos by Bow and Arrows Photography)