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The Happy Camper Cocktail Company has been featured!

This post is sort of a big headed moment and mostly an opportunity to share with our friends some great blogs and magazines who have chosen to write about us recently. We're feeling pretty good about the reaction our mobile bar service company is generating in the greater Seattle area and beyond. This little mobile bar that could started as a dream of one (me, Belinda) and a massive remodeling pain in the butt to another (my hubs) and has since become the "oh my gosh that's so cute!" moment for many. I will never get tired of hearing this!

An adorable, on-trend mobile bar that travels to events and provides top tier bar service? What a great idea!

At the Seattle Wedding Show recently I heard about 100 times "wow what a great idea!" and thought to myself while thanking each person "yes, but what an even better reality." You see, it was an idea like all of us have, daily, about how to do something better or what we could be really great at doing if only given the opportunity, and then so often those thoughts just fade away. But not this one. With the help and encouragement of SO many, the Happy Camper Cocktail Company exists today to put a smile on people's faces and a damn good "garden to glass" craft cocktail in their hand.

We bring cocktail hour to your event, any reason you have to party, nearly anywhere, and we bring everything needed but the alcohol to make your party uniquely fun, beautiful and (pun alert!) spirited. We're solving the "6 foot table, black linen" event bar problem one thoughtfully styled, on-trend bar at a time and we're surprising and delighting people who have a lifetime of flat soda + spirit events in their past. And people are talking about it!

We're in a magazine whose mission is for women to create Ease, Fun, Wealth, and Joy -- in their own lives and in the lives of those around them.

Yeah, I can totally get behind that mission! Check it out here:

The Perpetual You

If you have ever wanted to know why I keep saying the word "shrub" in relation to cocktails, this is the article for you ("Wait whaa..what's a shrub? Does she actually mean a cocktail bush? A shrubbery?...a nice one, but not too expensive? <name that movie>) I made a Pear and Ginger shrub cocktail and Markie Lynn took beautiful photos of my man-hands in the process.

We also made an awesome holiday punch for the magazine's blog last month, and one of our favorite liquor companies, Anchor Distilling, shared it. That was very cool, and the recipe is quite delicious!

Oh and then there was that time when Kacey Musgraves (!!!!) liked my post on Instagram about the signature margarita I dedicated to her. I felt like a million and one half bucks. That was just pure, unadulterated celebrity worship come to fruition.

Speaking of...

A lady whose food wowed N'Sync's Joey Fatone is wowed by our company.

read about it on The Old Hen

Deanna, former owner of award winning and celebrity acclaimed NW B&B The Old Hen, featured us in her latest blog after seeing us at the Seattle Wedding Show. Deanna has been seen on both local and national television with her Saucy Balsamic Burgers which knocked 'N Sync's Joey Fatone to his knees. And she loves us! Seriously, the feeling of someone else acknowledging and affirming your own belief in your business concept and execution is one of the most gratifying feelings a business owner could ever have.

I am seriously grateful and humbled every time someone reacts positively to what we do.

I try to take these compliments graciously and not sound like a robot when I say "thank you! we're having a lot of fun with it too!" because it is just the truth. We are having a blast. The recognition continues to lift our sails, making the late nights and long hours and very hard work that goes into what we do worth it. So thank you all, for every "aww," Instagram like, facebook share, and blog post.

We love you too! And we love witnessing and helping to create the most special moments in your lives.

A big thanks to all who consider having us out to your homes, companies, and wedding days. I've sent out a lot of quotes in the last few weeks and I am so excited to see where we land this season and with whom. We don't take the privilege of serving you lightly, and we want to be sure you're satisfied. We will probably cry during your champagne toasts, but we will not spill.

Cheers y'all!