All packages include

  • The Happy Camper mobile bar (please request a quote for events using multiple bars,  our wooden bar or without a mobile bar rental)
  • Friendly bartender(s) to accommodate your group size
  • Drink ware*
  • Bar equipment + ice
  • Craft mixers including house made bitters, shrubs and syrups for any cocktails included in the package
  • Fresh squeezed juices for any cocktails included in the package
  • 50 miles of travel from our headquarters. Additional distances will be quoted individually

* All drink ware, utensils, and such are recyclable - we offer additional pricing for reusable ware

Pick your

We set our pricing based on the level of service that you will offer your guests, your location, and how many people will be drinking at your party, This table walks you through the per guest pricing for each package. Each package is broken down into the number and variety of drinks offered (tap/draft drinks vs. fresh made cocktails vs. champagne toasts.)

Betty Jacqueline Marilyn Grace
Total per person $10 $16 $20 $25
Use of taps 2 2 2 2
Fresh garnishes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Red and white wine service Yes Yes Yes Yes
Nonalcoholic beverages 3 3 3 3
Hours of bar service 4 4 4 4
Choice of signature cocktails 0 2 3 3
Champagne toast - - Yes Yes
Additional mixers - - - Yes


  • Hours: $200 an hour
  • Signature drinks: $4 per person
  • Additional bar locations or types: upon request
  • Nonalcoholic beverages: unlimited per person, selection of 3 from the menu, for $5 per person*
  • Champagne toast: $2 per person
  • Upgraded drink ware: upon request**
  • Dessert bar: cost of goods purchased + service & styling fee
  • Snack bar: cost of goods purchased + service & styling fee
  • Event greater than 50 miles from Enumclaw, WA: upon request

*For any guest you know will abstain from alcohol, in lieu of the above package pricing

**We have a set of mid-century vintage highball cocktail glasses we are happy to rent or work with some of the rental companies we already have great relationships with
Note: if you're already placing event rental orders, we suggest ordering glassware through them if possible, to avoid double delivery charges