Reception Cocktails

Below is an example menu for wedding reception cocktails, corporate parties, or any event in need of our specialty bartending services. We happily edit our cocktail menus based on your desires and seasonal availability. The number of cocktails you can offer your guests from this menu will depend on the package you select.

Our cocktails are made fresh with ingredients sourced from local family farms.
You've heard of farm-to-table; we bring you garden-to-glass.


The Genevieve
rhubarb syrup- lemon juice- choice of gin or vodka- prosecco

French 75
lemon juice- simple syrup- gin- champagne

Julep Fizz
mint- simple syrup- bitters- club soda- bourbon

La Rosette
lavender sugar rim- St. Germaine- brut rose

grapefruit- lime- club soda- salt- tequila

Rosemary Ricky
rosemary syrup- lime juice- club soda- gin

Spring Sangria
Viognier- chamomile tea- fruit juice- floral garnish

Midnight at the Movies
cherry syrup- bourbon- coke classic- bourbon soaked cherry

Jalisco Flower
St Germaine- reposado tequila- grapefruit- prosecco

Sweet As Pie
strawberries- rhubarb vanilla bean syrup- lemon- aperol- vodka- club soda

the Bee's Knees
gin- lemon- local honey

Jack Rose
lemon- house grenadine- house bitters- apple brandy- twist

Champagne Dream
your choice of fresh juice- herbed simple syrup- champagne- edible flower

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Garden Mule
summer berries- mint- ginger beer- lime- vodka

Back Porch Lemonade
herb simple syrup- lemon- club soda- St. Germaine- gin

Cucumber Mojito
mint- cucumber- simple syrup- club soda-lime- light rum

Garden Mule
berry sage syrup- fresh berries- ginger beer- lime- bourbon

Watermelon Smash
watermelon-simple syrup- blueberries- mint- lime- tequila

Lavender Old Fashioned
lavender infused local honey- house bitters- rye whiskey- soda- twist

Keep the Beet
beet shrub- lemon juice- whiskey- twist

Field of Dreams
blueberry shrub- lavender honey- lime- gin- soda

mint- simple syrup- lemon- gin

Farewell to August
lemon- blackberry mint syrup- vodka or gin- soda

Seattle Sling
lemon + herb simple syrup- vermouth bianco- lemon- gin

Classic Margarita
fresh lime juice- agave syrup- orange liqueur- tequila

Kacey’s Cocktail
spiced lime shrub- cherry syrup- lime- vodka- club soda

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Hello Fall
apple cider- vanilla bean and pear puree- vodka or gin- ginger beer

Tombez dans Les Pommes
apple cider- brut champagne- spice bitters- rosemary stir stick

Breakfast in the Orchard
pear- sage- gin- prosecco

Apple Betty
apple cider- pear- ginger ale- vodka

Gin- Campari- Vermouth- orange twist

Dark & Stormy
spiced lime shrub- lime- spiced rum

Bourbon Peach Tea
Yakima grown peaches infused in black tea- bourbon - cinnamon simple syrup- lemon

Thai Swizzle
chai- brown sugar- cinnamon- Bailey's

Hot Toddy
hot water- lemon - local honey- black tea infused with your preferred flavor- bourbon

fig-cinnamon shrub- house bitters- bourbon- scotch

Bee Royal
ginger shrub- local honey- lemon- riesling- gin

Zeus' Tantrum
Plum syrup- citrus bitters-orange twist- rye whiskey- club soda

Nordic Sun
Blood Orange juice- campari- champagne

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