The Happy Camper Cocktail Co. is a family business dreamed up by Belinda Kelly, with significant assistance & encouragement from Belinda's husband, friends and extended family. We are a locally owned, female run business in Enumclaw, WA and serve the greater Seattle area.

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I love the sound of a hearty "cheers" and the accompanying clink of a glass. I have a healthy relationship with alcohol, albeit a very romantic one. I've laughed and talked and spent many an afternoon on a front porch with my friends & family, with a "glass half full" in hand and my heart on my sleeve. With Happy Camper Cocktail Company I seek to bring that experience to you and all of your guests, one "cheers!" at a time.

You’ve heard of farm-to-table, we’re garden-to-glass.

Living in Enumclaw, WA, a town with a long dairy history and a fresh crop of young farmers who seek to bring sustainable farming back to the area, I'm passionate about the full cycle of food, from seed to plant to the drink in your hand. Washington state has so much to offer agriculturally, and we're happy to be joining the long tradition of connecting dinners and drinkers with the growers who make it possible. You've heard of farm-to-table, we're garden-to-glass. My sister's farm, Simple Goodness Farm is a place of beauty and refreshment for me and my family and I hope that will come through for you in the fresh cocktails we prepare.

And, as a DIY bride myself, I know that our offerings fill a very real and practical need. When people opt out of the traditional venue & catering options, drinks and desserts are often left on the cutting room floor. And what a missed opportunity! Drinks and desserts can be the prettiest, most thoughtful offerings to your guests. Instead, all too often, guests pump their own kegs handles and dear aunts must leave the dance floor to serve desserts. With the Happy Camper Cocktail Company we preserve the opportunity for the DIY event planner to give their guests an evening of elegance and pure enjoyment. Cheers to that!


Belinda Kelly
One Happy Camper

The Key Campers

family business


The dreamer with a love for craft cocktails and food styling, with enough chutzpah and event planning experience to take the leap into starting a mobile bar business.

retro cocktail hour

The Happy Camper

The 1966 Aladdin travel trailer turned mobile bar is pure cute on wheels. She blends seamlessly into any décor, but never fails to make an impression.



simple goodness

Belinda's sister and the farmer at Simple Goodness Farm, where we source many of our ingredients. She introduced us to the local farming community, an experience that we are happy to now share with our clients through our farm fresh, "garden to glass" cocktails.


locally owned business

The handsome and oh-so talented craftsman behind all of the camper's renovations and the farm tables we serve from. Henry's dad, Belinda's husband, and all around good guy.

Henry and Hayes

family business

Our children were one of our initial inspirations for starting a family business that allows our family to work and play alongside one another. Our boys are often seen working along with us (behind the scenes, not the bar!) and learning the value of hard work and following your dreams.

Are you a Happy Camper?

We hire only the best people we know to make events beautiful, bright & boozey. Our coordinators and bartenders arewildly talented and very friendly folks who are like family to us. If you are looking for flexible and fun weekend bartending gigs, please contact us. We are based in Enumclaw and work all over the greater Seattle area and Washington state.